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Jitter Click test

This Jitter click is used by many pro-level gamers in the gaming industry. The jitter click test is similar to the normal clicking test. It is far more different. In this test, you not only use fingers, but your arm and wrist are also operating together.

In this test, you have to shake/move your wrist and arms as fast as possible and knock a higher CPS at your best.

Just as with other click tests, you can give this test as many times as you want. It has the same rules and set up to provide this test. You can set up the timer to perform this test.

Jitter clicking is a technique minted by the Mine craft 'PvP' association. It is about shaking your hand on the mouse as fast as you can. To do jitter clicking, you can follow the tips as given below:

  • Keep your arm constant; do not clutch your mouse too hard.
  • Put your finger on the mouse key and wave the muscles of your wrist.
  • To make it easy, you can accelerate your mouse around while clicking.

If you are into computer gaming, then you understand that clicking is foremost. Clicking fast is important for most famous games. This tool guides you on how to jitter-click to enhance your clicking rate.

Is Jitter clicking unsafe?

Jitter clicking is harmless if you are clicking a scale between 9 to 15cps. Attempt not to exceed the boundary over 15-30 seconds. It can damage your arm, palm, wrist, and fingers for a great time. It can dangerously damage your hand when you exceed your clicking boundaries.

This Jitter test is very helpful and very easy to use, and it also enhances your skills.